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Austin Midwife

Are you looking for a way to ask questions about your Austin pregnancy and get the answers that you need from qualified Midwives? Austin TX has the perfect resource for you! The Austin Midwife Forum features monitoring by certified midwife Austin professionals (CNMs or CPMs), you can count on all responses to be informative and sincere.

General Questions

It’s important to note that only the medical professional following your progress can answer questions specific to your situation. However, the Austin midwives here on the forum are happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to pregnancy in general, things to expect, and options that may be available to you. Think of it like having a doula Austin professional on hand any time a question pops into your head!

Available to Help

Being able to consult with an Austin midwife when you need it most can really give you the extra help you need during your pregnancy. Whether you can’t get in to your OBGYN Austin Texas office soon or you just had something come to mind that you forgot to inquire about, a doula Austin TX professional can help through the Austin Midwife Forum.

Years of Experience

You can take comfort in knowing that experience lies in our moderating midwives. Austin is home to some of the best professionals in the industry – and we employ them! With nearly two and a half decades of experience, our midwife Austin TX professionals are ready and willing to share their knowledge and information with you when you need it most.

Austin Area Birthing Center – Midwife Forum in Austin provides information and guidelines on safest natural childbirth in Austin.

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